Barra Velha House Boat

Sleep with the stars, dive in turquoise blue waters and sunbath in a desert island.

Up to 6 adults + 4 children
3 double beds + 2 sofa beds
From 200€ / night

This ecological house boat includes a panoramic suite, 2 double bedrooms and 2 sofa beds that fits 4 children. There is an indoors meal area, an outdoors lounge with a solarium and a small pool. The kitchenette is equipped with a fridge, microwave oven and a small gas cooker.

Small pool  Sea view  Ria Formosa view  Shower  WC
Kitchenette  Fridge  Microwave oven  Meal area  Kitchen utensils
Coffee maker  Dinner table  Outdoors furniture set  Outdoors meal area
Towels  Bedclothes

MenuCheck-in & Check-out Time
Price per night

The daily rates vary from 300€ to 450€ per night, depending on the season. Click “Book Now” to see all rates.

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Where is this House Boat located?

This House Boat is anchored next to Barra Velha beach.
See the map here.

Can I do payments by ATM?

No, payments must be made fully by bank transference until 48h after the reservation, otherwise your reservation is automatically cancelled.

Can I do payments by cash?

No. The only payment that must be done in cash is the deposit fee, during the check-in (100€, returned at the check-out).

Is it possible to exceed the capacity of the boat?

No, due to the legal licenses related to the capacity of the accommodation.

Is there hot water?

Yes, using the EcoFriendly concept, there is a tank of water that is heated by solar energy.

Does the Barra Velha Boat have capacity for 10 adults?

No, the boat has capacity for 6 adults and 4 children.

Is the service “Menu” always available?

Our Menus are available when reserved with at least 48 hours in advance.

Are pets allowed ?

No, on board the House Boat pets are not allowed, mainly for safety reasons for the animal itself.

Can I sail the House Boat wherever I want?

No, the House Boat does not sail, it is anchored nearby Barra Velha beach, inside Ria Formosa. Next to the House Boat there is a rubber dingy to go to the nearest beach.

Can I do the check-in/ check-out any time I want?

Check-in and check-out times will be provided by us and are based on the natural tidal cycle. It has to be respected, otherwise, and due to the tidal cycle we will not be able to get to the Boat House to check-in. It is an issue that we cannot get around.

Is there a parking area near the check-in point?

Nearby our check-in point there are free parking lots, however in high season it is convenient that you arrive in time, as finding a available parking place can take some time.

Which equipment does the House Boat kitchen have?

The House Boat kitchen has a refrigerator (50 liters with freezer drawer), microwave( which can be used for a maximum of 2 straight minutes, in a total of 5 minutes per day; only during the day and never in defrost mode), a coffee machine, in addition to the cutlery, serving dishes, glasses, pots and pans. To cook your meal, the House Boat also has a small camping stove .

You can charge your phone aboard the HouseBoat during the day.

Barco Casa does not support electrical appliances that are not part of its inventory. The use of toasters, grills, electric plates, hair dryers, or other electrical appliances is prohibited.

What can I find in the surroundings of the House Boat?

Next to the house boat you will only find a deserted beach, without any cafe or restaurant. The closest town is the town of Fuzeta, which is 10 minutes away by boat.

During the stay, can I go to Fuzeta whenever I want?

The transport of the House Boat guests at the check and at the check out are included in the daily fare. Other trips by aqua-taxi can only be done respecting the tidal cycle, therefore those must be booked in advance, and have an additional cost of 20€(one way) or 30€ (go and return) from 9am until 6pm.

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TOP! A melhor experiência que tive este ano, superou todas as expetativas. Uma noite longe de tudo, com a vista do pôr do sol e passar a noite com o céu estrelado, foi surreal. Aconselho vivamente! Sem dúvida voltaria a repetir!


Uma noite num autêntico Paraíso. Tem tudo o que se possa imaginar de melhor. Os funcionários sempre muito simpáticos, o barco muito limpo e com um excelente aspecto e comodidade. Adorei tudo, Obrigado.

Patricia BTripAdvisor

Uma experiência única onde nos tornamos parte integrante de um cenário e envolvente simplesmente inigualável. Diferente de toda a oferta que já pude usufruir, simplesmente fantástico. (...)

Pedro ATripAdvisor

Foi uma experiência espectacular! A equipa que nos recebeu foi impecável, o barco tem todas as comodidades de um hotel 5*, desde do conforto até ao equipamento. E a vista é algo inigualável. Foi super romântico! (...)


Simplesmente apaixonante! Uma experiencia unica com tudo que um dia / noite romântico tem de ter. paz, beleza, paisagem, por do sol, nascer do sol e acima de tudo tranquilidade e surpresa.